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Peach, kiwi & coconut water hydration smoothie


To say coconut water is having a bit of a moment is an understatement. Rihanna, in her retro pineapple bikini, is splashed across every other billboard as the fun and flirty face of Vita Coco, and it is being relentlessly branded as the health drink du jour. Even our work canteen has now started stocking it and let’s just say that you will find many a trendier eatery in London…

But it really is as good for you as they say it is – brimming with electrolytes (including potassium), it’s the perfect natural sports drink to rehydrate after a workout session or if you’ve been poorly. And if you’re not a fan of the water on its own, this fruity mocktail is perfect for you – I’ve combined it with kiwis which are brimming with vitamin C and potassium, and peaches which are just all round good guys and peach season is in full swing.

Only 3 ingredients and so very delicious – my boyfriend claims it somehow tastes like the syrupy dregs of sherry trifle!


Peach, kiwi & coconut water hydration smoothie


Makes 1 glass

– 1 ripe peach, stoned, skin on
– 1 ripe kiwi, peeled and hard end cut off
– 1 cup (about 235ml) unsweetened coconut water


Blitz the fruit in a blender until smooth-ish. Add the coconut water and pulse until mixed.


Source: Recipe and photos by pip & little blue.


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