How to: Sterilise jars & bottles in minutes


Sterilising jars and bottles before filling them with all your yummy jams and sauces is really important to make sure that the contents stay preserved for as long as possible without spoiling. And bug-busting takes just minutes if you have a microwave!


Wash your jar or bottle and its lid in hot, soapy water, ensuring that any food residue and any labels have been washed off.

Whilst still wet, place in the microwave on full power for a couple of minutes, until dry. Tip: Don’t forget to remove any metal parts! Leave to stand in the microwave for a minute or two.

Using oven gloves (the glass will be insanely hot to touch), remove from the microwave and fill with your chosen jam or sauce. Tip: If your filling is hot, fill whilst the jar or bottle is still hot; if your filling is cold, let the jar or bottle cool before filling – if you don’t follow this rule, you might shock the glass into cracking…

And there you have it – bug-free goodness!


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