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Raspberry gin


Welcome to *drum roll* my most alcoholic post yet! Gin gin gin. I love it, in all of its delicious guises. On ice. With tonic. Straight from the freezer. In an Aviation, a gimlet, a dirty martini. (Neat.) When it comes to gin, there’s never a dull day!

As raspberries are my favourite fruit, making raspberry gin was very much a natural progression for me. The first time I made it I gave it to my mum for Christmas and she absolutely loved it. That said, please be more organised than me and make it in advance of the eve before you are due to give it away so that the lucky recipient can enjoy it instantly should they wish (not only did my mum have to wait for MONTHS to taste her gift at its best, I gave her instructions to shake it every day for the first week too!)…

Just the thing for a summer’s eve and the perfect gift for a fellow gin-lover, this pretty pink gin has a lovely fresh raspberry flavour – enjoy with tonic or simply over ice.

QUICK! Take advantage of the British raspberry glut and make this now!


Raspberry gin


– 70cl good quality gin (I use Bombay Sapphire but Gordon’s is fine too)
– 200g fresh raspberries
– 100g caster sugar


Sterilise a 1 litre bottle (find out how here).

Wash the raspberries and discard (i.e. eat) any bruised ones. Add the gin, raspberries and sugar to the bottle and shake well (some but not all of the sugar will dissolve at this point).

Leave in a dark place to steep for a couple of months, shaking regularly (every day for the first week if you can). Tip: We definitely have not managed to wait three months yet (not even close) and the flavour is still spectacular. That said, you will be rewarded for your patience if you do manage. It gets even better.

Drink over ice (tonic optional…)!


Source: Recipe and photos by pip & little blue.


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