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Top 5 gluten-free Christmas gift recipes


Gosh, it’s beginning to feel like Christmas really isn’t that far away…super exciting but also a little daunting if you’re hosting…*pulls melodramatic face in manner of Edvard Munch’s The Scream*.

If, like me, you’ve already started thinking about your Christmas shopping, why not consider making some edible gifts this year? It’s thoughtful, it’s fun, and it doesn’t have to break the bank.

Need some gluten-free ideas? Make yourself a cuppa, get comfy, and have a browse of my top 5 picks, all with your ever-harder-to-buy-for loved ones (no names, Dad…) in mind. You’ll be feeling more organised in no time! Trust me, I have given all of these as gifts over the years and everyone is always super chuffed (that, or they just have very convincing happy present-opening faces. I’m going with chuffed).

Don’t forget to go all-out outlandish with the wrapping too – it shows the lucky recipient once and for all that your love for them knows no bounds: I’m thinking posh little boxes, slinky ribbons tied in pretty bows, hand-written labels in your best joined-up writing, maybe even some edible glitter. I know, edible glitter, WOAH.

So here we have it, the (very boozy) gluten-free Christmas gift list!

1. Whisky & ginger fudge


Find the recipe HERE.

Let’s be honest, how many more pairs of comedy socks is your Dad going to thank you for? This soft, creamy fudge has stem ginger running through it and the hint of whisky adds a lovely festive warmth to proceedings. Ho ho ho.

2. Boozy mincemeat fudge


Find the recipe HERE.

This burnished fudge is flecked with spiced mincemeat and laced with orange and booze – it’s quite simply Christmas in a mouthful. Just like a mince pie with rum butter. Without the pie-y bit.

3. Chocolate meringue mushrooms


Find the recipe HERE.

These French meringue mushrooms are so life-like that people won’t believe they’re not real! Why not arrange on a bed of wood wool (that straw-like stuff) in a little basket or punnet for the full rustic effect? Also dairy-free.

4. Raspberry-infused gin


Find the recipe HERE.

This is the perfect gift for a gin-lover and just the ticket if you’re short on time. A wondrous shade of pink with the most gorgeous deep raspberry flavour, this has the power to make mums coo with joy. Enjoy with tonic or simply over ice.

5. Rum & white chocolate fudge


Find the recipe HERE.

Yes, more fudge. But boy, is this a good-un. All warming rum and sweet chocolate, this has a beautiful pale cream hue that looks perfectly festive dusted with edible glitter.

Source: Recipe and photos by pip & little blue.

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