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Beginners’ green juice


I bought a juicer. I know it’s faddy and I feel like a wannabe-celeb-detox-hipster but I’ve struggled with health problems for almost two years and it’s time I took matters into my own hands! I’ve heard and read countless glowing reviews of juicing and, given that conventional medicine has only got me back to about 70%, I think it’s worth a shot…

I follow a healthy diet anyway (with the odd treat of course!) but juicing allows you to feed your body with even more nutrients which is perfect for cleansing, nourishment, prevention and in my case, healing. Why the focus on green vegetables? Because, I am reliably told, they contain the most nutrients (and a lot less sugar than fruit).


A distinction worth making: A juice, unlike a smoothie, does not contain a fruit or vegetable’s pulp (which has all the fibre in it) as it is removed during the juicing process. This makes juices even easier to digest which is perfect if your body is wiped out or you just want to give your digestive system a well-earned break. That said, fibre is obviously an essential part of a healthy diet and so I do not recommend substituting green juices for meals (some people do this) – consider them an extra boost.

So, here starts my juicing journey and hopefully a healthier me! Why not join me?

This is my first juice. It uses simple ingredients and doesn’t taste too ‘green’ to my novice tastebuds. In fact, it is delicious!


Beginners’ green juice

Serves 1


– 1/2 apple
– 2 cups (handfuls) English chard
– 1/2 cucumber
– squeeze lemon juice, to taste


Put the apple, chard and cucumber in a juicer and juice. Pour into a glass and add lemon juice to taste. Drink immediately!


Source: Recipe adapted from Candice Kumai’s ‘The Kale Apple’ in Clean Green Drinks; photos by pip & little blue.


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