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Pimm’s o’clock: Blackberry & Elderflower Pimm’s jellies


Wibble wobble. Jelly is fabulous. Wibble wobble. It’s silly and tasty and goes perfectly with ice cream. And I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like it. It’s definitely jelly season so I decided to christen my new rabbit-shaped mould that I found a couple of weeks ago in my local charity shop. I’m not sure whether it’s for cake or jelly but I thought I would give it a go and hope for the best…

Pimm’s has brought out a Blackberry & Elderflower flavour for summer and it’s delicious – refreshing and fruity, a twist on a British classic. The slight glitch to this recipe is that blackberries aren’t in season until later in the summer so I’ve used raspberries to tide me over – don’t forget to replace with blackberries as soon as they’re ripe!


Perfectly wibbly wobbly and so very deliciously boozy…

***SEPTEMBER 2015 UPDATE*** Photos and recipe updated during blackberry season!


Blackberry & Elderflower Pimm’s jelly

Makes one large approx. 550ml jelly or 4 smaller inidividual jellies


– 6 sheets leaf gelatine
– 100ml water
– juice 1/2 lemon
– 50g caster sugar
– 150ml Blackberry & Elderflower Pimm’s
– 200ml lemonade
– handful blackberries (plus extra to decorate)



Soak the gelatine leaves in cold water for 10 minutes to soften. In a saucepan on a low to medium heat, simmer the water, lemon juice and sugar until the sugar has dissolved. Set aside to cool.

Squeeze the excess water out of the gelatine and add to the sugar mixture. Stir until the gelatine has dissolved.

Pour the sugar mixture into a bowl and add the Pimm’s and lemonade. Place in a bowl of iced water (making sure your jelly doesn’t get wet) and leave for an hour, stirring occasionally.

Once the mixture has begun to set, stir in the blackberries and pour into your mouldS. Tip: If your jelly mould is an intricate shape, it helps to very lightly grease it with sunflower oil (or any other flavourless oil) before pouring the jelly in to help it slip out when it’s set. It sounds unappetising but it works a treat!

Place in the fridge to set fully for a few hours, preferably overnight.

When you’re ready to unveil your jellies, soak the moulds in hot water for a few seconds to ease the jellies from the sides of the moulds – not too long or you will lose any detail. Tip: If you wet the base of the serving plates slightly before turning the jellies out, it will stop them sticking (invariably off-centre!) to allow you to centre the jellies.

Garnish with the remaining blackberries (or raspberries if you’re making this in early summer…). Enjoy!


Source: Recipe and photos by pip & little blue.


3 thoughts on “Pimm’s o’clock: Blackberry & Elderflower Pimm’s jellies

  1. I love this recipe so very much! I love making homemade gelatin snacks and thinking up new flavour ideas. It was a revolutionary moment when I realized that I could make any flavour and didn’t have to just buy the artificial fruit flavoured jello packets. Your jelly sounds fabulous! I’ve never heard of leaf gelatin though, we just have unflavoured gelatin powder in Canada.

    • Thank you! It really was so much fun to make (and eat) that I think I’m going to use the rest of the gelatine for another one very soon :) I remember those little packets – my mum used to use them when I was little to make trifle! You can buy both leaf and powdered gelatine in the UK and either would work for this.

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